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Letter: Hershey makes informed choices

Patti Clapper

My friend Tony Hershey is running for the at-large seat on the Glenwood Springs City Council. And I think it is important that the Glenwood Springs voters know what I know about Tony Hershey.

Tony is a very intelligent, considerate and compassionate young man. Before making decisions he does his homework, as it is important to him that the decisions he makes are well-informed. His concerns go beyond land-use and roads and bridges. His concerns center around the sense of community and around the people who live, work and visit the Glenwood Springs community as a whole. Tony understands that a sustainable community needs economic opportunities, the maintenance of a diverse population, and a fair and representative local government.

Tony Hershey will be a most welcomed addition to the Glenwood Springs City Council. And I strongly encourage the Glenwood Springs voters to vote for Tony Hershey.

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