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Letter: Hickenlooper wouldn’t listen on gun control

I just read the letter posted in the Post Independent by New Castle resident Roy Reed.

I think it’s great that he took the time to write a letter and have it published about the disappointing Colorado Legislature and Gov. Hickenlooper. I am one of those that have been writing Hickenlooper’s website for months. I wasn’t positive, but I have had the same response as Mr. Reed has had. I didn’t get a chance to visit the state Legislature, but my letters have gotten the same old song and dance from Hickenlooper.

It seems that one lady in particular and Hickenlooper are of the same mind. They do not wish to listen to anybody’s opinion other than their own. How do you tell your son or daughter that this is not the way the Colorado Legislature is supposed to be run. We live in a democracy, don’t we?

If I remember correctly, (state Sen.) Randy Baumgardner took more than 30,000 signatures from the Western Slope regarding the gun control issue, and Hickenlooper flatly said he wasn’t counting them, they were going in the trash. How do you explain that a person in charge, such as Gov. Hickenlooper, is supposed to be open-minded and he isn’t? How do you explain to your child that Hickenlooper is acting irresponsibly? This would be a very difficult thing to do. I am sure there are a lot of questions by a young mind that you can’t answer.

It’s too bad that Hickenlooper would rather give the Giffordses more time, because after all they agree with his opinion. Just something to think about at the next election.

Jane Spaulding


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