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Letter: Hickenlooper’s many shortcomings

We need a change in our governor’s office. Hickenlooper is too busy being in charge of the Hispanics in our state and doesn’t seem to care what else happens. What has happened on his watch as governor: We now have recreational pot. On his watch, we have higher taxes, and he is wanting more money for taxes for schools. I can’t see more tax money for schools, when the only ones we are educating are the Hispanics. He is allowing the Hispanics to claim up to and including eight dependents.

We are paying extra for health care that was supposed to be affordable; it’s not. Seems like the Western Slope is getting the short end of the proverbial stick. He flies into Aspen and then acts like, “Oh, you’re still mad about the gun issue.” Yes, we are still mad about the guns, the pot, the roads, the taxes and most of all we are tired of being left out.

He flip-flopped on the gun Issue. He thought the tax money on the pot would take care of everything, and instead it’s a costly error. If you think that Obama declaring amnesty is the end of the cost for them, think again. It will require millions of dollars to make them citizens, and they won’t have to lift a finger, nor pay for it. Look into it. It will cost every man, woman and child thousands of dollars just to make them a citizen. Background checks, immunizations, paperwork and a lot of checks and balances.

Don’t worry, neither Hickenlooper nor Obama will ever pay one thing for them, its all up to the U.S. citizen. They have to learn English, which very few have done. Books will need to be printed in Spanish in the schools. We will need a huge influx of Spanish-speaking teachers. Would Mexico do that for us? Not on your life.

He has been so short-sighted on everything and is an Obama supporter to boot. It matters not how high taxes are as long as he get the money in his hot little hand. Time for a change. Please vote for somebody else. Obama delivered to Hickenlooper at least $10 million for his campaign. Let’s hope he didn’t buy the election with it. Elections should be honest, and his honesty is in question.

Jane Spaulding


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