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Letter: Hillary’s platform?

What audacity to persist when things are so transparent as to make subterfuge invisible. Does part of Hillary Clinton’s plan go deep into the machinery of the Democratic Party?

“I awakened and history was behind me, in a little box. This box was kept in a place called school and it was brought out on occasion, but mostly was on the shelf and not of that much importance. In it were explanations of the natural way things are. Its contents self-evident and all is in the past. The present relates to nothing. The future is inconceivable.” This could be Hillary Clinton’s presidential platform.

What could Hillary do to match Bill’s book, ”My Life”? She could call it “Her Life.” That would put things as she sees them, second person, outside, looking in, apart from her real self. This is the story of her life from remembering news stories and reading scandal sheets at the supermarket:

A real looker, that first lady. She has looks to match Jackie Kennedy and the dedication of Elenor Roosevelt. What a deal. She’s taking the back seat to no one. “Those first ladies have already blazed the trail, riding on their husband’s coattails. It’s our turn. We’ve earned it. We’re entitled.”

So, what about some sticky stuff? Are there no skeletons in her closet? If so, who cares? There are things of record that persist. Is she strong enough to rewrite history? Are we dumb enough or vain enough to let her?

What lasting relations did Hillary establish globally as secretary of state? Can she do any more than answerer a congressional inquiry with a categorical retort? How abrasive was her approach to health care that it didn’t pass in 1993 … or does she consider that “laying the groundwork” for Obamacare?

She may be smart, but to what and whose end? I’ve voted for one Republican for president by default, don’t tempt me with another.

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