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Letter: Hold everyone to same standard on water

Every month I get a bill from Glenwood Springs for my water and sewage use. It is such a good deal. I get clean water and the city takes care of the dirty water. It is really like borrowing the water since the city gets back just about all the water they send me.

However, that is not what our Garfield County commissioners decided to do. They issued a permit to Ursa that allows them to deep inject water that Ursa has used in its fracking process, thus removing millions of gallons of Western Slope water from the hydrological system.

You would think that the Garfield County commissioners would understand the importance of water in our semi-arid country and demand that the oil and gas corporations put in place systems such as the Thermoenergy TurboFrac 4000 to recover produced water to be reused in the fracking process.

I don’t mind paying for cleaning the water I use, I just think everyone should be held to the same standard.

Thomas E. Rutledge

Glenwood Springs

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