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Letter: Homes for homeless

I am puzzled. We have housing for students, housing for seniors and soon we will have housing for teachers.

Why don’t we have housing for homeless? Some would say it’s because we consider them to be the losers in society. Yes, I agree they are the losers. They have lost hope, dignity, money, social status, friends, jobs, family, health, mental stability, self-esteem, opportunity and love.

If we consider our community to be a healthy, stable and kind community, then it is time we look at this situation, look at solutions that other communities are trying and start to think about solving the issue. So far we have kept our heads in the sand, hoping they will go away. It has not worked. Time to try something else. If you agree please let others know, talk about it. Talk to me, talk to a homeless person and ask what they think, talk to your friends, talk to your family, but talk.

Admitting we need to address the issue is the first step. Ignoring an issue is not a healthy way to handle anything. We have more homeless people in our valley now than ever before. Let’s get it out in the open.

Rachael Windh, MSW

Glenwood Springs

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