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Letter: Housing for active retirees

I commend the area for planning a new assisted living facility. But I remain dismayed that society and the “powers that be” picture all seniors in a recliner on the brink of death. One very large segment of the retired population is being totally omitted from the housing discussion — retirees from 62 on up who are active, healthy, lead full lives, but are on lower incomes.

Considering a move, I have been searching online for an apartment — not assisted living. In my target area, apartments are full up or too expensive. What is available through SHAG offers 500 square feet, no balconies nor patios. Can you imagine cramming your bedroom and bathroom into what is your average home’s living and dining area?

Kitchens are generally an alcove. Everything else is priced for those people who are still working. In general, apartment rentals everywhere are just too inflated. I hope people stuck in this limbo zone regarding decent housing speak up and get active for better options.

Carol Abbott


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