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Letter: How could $400K theft occur

I read with great disappointment that another of our public employees has violated our trust and stolen from the citizens of the Roaring Fork Valley, and specifically here in Glenwood Springs.

Robin McMillan has been arrested, charged with stealing around $400,000 of our taxpayer dollars. Sadly, this arrest is on the heals of a similar theft of about $16,000, which was discovered not too long ago, also in Glenwood Springs. The Town of Marble had a similar incident a few years ago where the clerk there pilfered some $200,000, and such thefts have taken place in Aspen and a few other communities in the area, as well.

What is wrong with the accounting and accountability procedures in all of these offices? Where were the supervisors, the “checks and balances” to the system, the auditors, and/or the IRS? McMillan is accused of steeling money from approximately 2008 until this year. This is a long time for the theft to go undiscovered.

Personally, I blame their supervisors and the policies and procedures in each of these offices. A boss has to be pretty cavalier to not be checking on employees more diligently, and/or to delegate responsibilities to the point of making it this easy to rip off our residents. Why, and how, does this happen, and what are we going to do about it? Fire the managers, and put better safeguards in place — now.

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