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Letter: How depraved we have become

I have been observing with interest the furor over the Garfield County commissioners’ token withholding of $1,500 from the deceitfully named “Planned Parenthood.” It should be known for what it is, “Murder Incorporated.”

Since Roe v. Wade, 55 million preborn children have been slaughtered in the womb, most of them by so-called “Planned Parenthood.” Are you really comfortable with that? Isn’t it about preventing conception rather than after the fact killing the conceived but unwanted child?

If the child is not wanted, it’s a fetus or blob of tissue, but if it’s wanted, it’s a child. How is that? Back in the day, women carried their child to term and then adopted them out if they weren’t prepared for parenting. Now, people have to go abroad for adoptions because there are virtually no children available for adoption in the U.S. Adoption is still the best option for all, and it does not involve killing.

According to Wikipedia, the total deaths from all wars our nation has been involved in from the Revolutionary War to the present is 2,852,901. Fifty-five million is 20 times that number. How many is enough, just a few more?

“Planned Parenthood” is an abortion mill and, according to the testimony of its head, testifying before a Senate Committee recently, it does not perform mammograms. It does, however, sell body parts of aborted children and apparently without guilt or remorse. Are you are not offended by this practice? What sort of women’s health services does it provide that are not available elsewhere to women with lower incomes?

Apparently for Planned Parenthood, it’s about the money after all, and a general culture of death and hate.

Are you opposed to the death penalty for criminals? You know a developing child in the womb is innocent and helpless. The death penalty for the unborn shows a bizarre, twisted morality. Psalm 6:17b says, “God hates hands that shed innocent blood.” We are all going to die, and after that the judgment (Hebrews 9:27). Do you really believe that there is no justice in the universe? They can’t speak, they have no power, they have no money, and they can’t vote. They’re inconvenient. How depraved we have become.

Don’t even try to claim this is about women’s health. Also don’t try to frame it as men against women. We men put this practice in place so we could just walk away and let you women take care of it. I repeat, how much blood is enough?

No one can abide this sort of evil without permanent damage to their own soul, regardless of any spiritual belief. When will we stop this horrific practice, after we self-destruct as a nation? With this practice, we are well on our way down that road. Stand up for life.

Lance Allee


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