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Letter: How does a needle represent Carbondale?

Jane Spaulding

Just an opinion about James Surls’ sculpture in the Carbondale roundabout. I am not happy with it. I have lived here for 65 years and it doesn’t look like Carbondale.

If you think this is going to make Frosty happy, boy are you barking up the wrong tree. His snotty statement that if you didn’t want this then you should have said something 10 years ago. Oh, as for the traffic flow around the roundabout, is also something we could have done without.

What makes him think that a needle represents Carbondale? We don’t even have a sewing center or a place to buy thread in Carbondale. Oh well, let’s just hope somebody doesn’t crash through it and get their vehicle damaged too badly.

I think that a lot of people are avoiding the drive around it. Some people seem like they are going really fast and if you’re not careful you will get hit. Maybe Frosty should have taken the advice of some other towns that said the reason they didn’t put a sculpture in the middle of their roundabout was because it was distracting. Vail doesn’t have any, Aspen doesn’t have any, Glenwood doesn’t have any. I think that should have been Frosty’s first clue that maybe it wasn’t the best idea.

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