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Letter: How is this not the county’s problem?

The letters regarding my sinkhole have always been fact-based and mostly void of emotion. But when I came home recently and watched as half of my subdivision’s rainfall rushed down the street and tried to drain into the ditch at the end of my driveway, I became very angry.

Whose idea was it anyway, Garfield County, to allow a subdivision to drain into a ditch between two private properties and onto a third private property? “Illegal” was the word used by the engineer I consulted. And whose idea was it, Garfield County, to line this “drainage” with plastic and not expect it to tear and leak? And whose idea was it, Garfield County, to ignore your own warnings about dangerous soils in that very spot and to ignore a letter in 1998 stating that a culvert should be put in?

And why is it now, Mr. (County Attorney John) Hutfless, all of a sudden private property when there is a sinkhole/erosion problem that needs fixing, but it wasn’t private property when the county ordered the drainage redone in the first place?

In eight years I’ve been passed off to almost every department in the county. Three years ago, I pleaded with our commissioners for help. In two meetings, I was promised 17 times they would help me. I quote “we will do our research and due diligence,” “we’ll bring everyone into the discussion” and “we will drive deeper.” All empty promises.

Mr. Hutfless has declared this is not the county’s problem and the matter is legally closed. Really, Mr. Hutfless, how is this not the county’s problem? The county created this nightmare by allowing houses to be built on known bad soils and by allowing a natural drainage channel to be redone with no thought as to whom would be responsible for it and how it would be maintained.

It seems our commissioners are content to merely hide behind the skirts of the attorney and his ridiculous claim that this is not the county’s problem instead of doing what’s right. Needless to say, I am not voting for Mr. Jankovsky.

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