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Letter: How the GOP would lead

We have just witnessed another of the one-liner, one-upmanship events that pass for Republican political debate in America. The same sophboorish interludes, including wrangling over mundane, non-relevant issues and personal attacks, interspersed with serious episodes of paranoia, fearmongering, designating enemies and threats of war. Even so, we can see the winnowing process at work, with the saner candidates rapidly losing ground. Pathological liar, extreme racist and warmonger Trump still leads his small, vocal pack of the ill-educated in shouting the slogans of fear and hate. Even mainstream Republicans have no idea what to do about him. Fortunately, he will prove unelectable.

Ted Cruz is quite another matter. This raving, Old Testament fascist is the most dangerous American politician since Joseph McCarthy. At least he is clearly defining the fear-driven, religious/imperialist/police state he would impose upon us. Currently he appears to be the likely Republican candidate. His party, wholly owned by the corporate/wealthy, will back him without question. Re-read the Fourteen Signs of Fascism — Ted is the living embodiment.

Always claiming we don’t want to be the world’s policeman, every Republican candidate wants to build up the military to the point at which they can prosecute the several wars they have in mind, the entire world will fear us and be afraid to fail to do our bidding. None have yet explained how they would pay for it. It would be well to remember that the price of one new generation fighter jet is considerably more than the money Congress will approve for the Biden-led all-out attempt to cure cancer. Which of those investments would show the most profit, have lasting value and serve the people?

The unelectable chorus still sings the litany of blame for Obama’s ineffectual government, conveniently forgetting the party-centric conspiracy of disloyal obstructionism that has been foisted on the American people as “loyal” opposition. There hasn’t been a statesman in the party for years.

Nationalism, state religion, fear, racism, imperialism and a long list of enemies — what a great way to aspire to lead the nation.

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

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