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Letter: How to steal a park, part II

Previously, I outlined the behind-the-scenes maneuvers used to make this theft of a park for a private profit center “legally” possible, now pretty much in place.

They had hoped to have the property completely cleared off to hand to the developer. The existing building razed and every mature tree cut down. Look at the picture they printed in the paper. Do you see any tree that’s there today? Best yet, this was all to be done with tax money and a grant.

Public money, folks, the same money that can be used to build a real park, not a private profit center with a park-like name. You, the public, were never supposed to see anything but a cleared-off space by the river and an enthusiastic editorial with a picture of a six-story apartment building ready to “make the most” of your park dilapidated sewage treatment plant property by selling to a developer. You wouldn’t have ever even known about the little bonus. If it’s such a great deal, why do the people have to kick in perhaps a million dollars to sweeten the pot?

Furthermore, there is an alternative proposal for an educational and learning center which would repurpose almost every structure on the property, saving several millions of dollar in new construction costs. This, to be owned by, and operated for, the benefit of the people.

Don’t believe their captive editor/spokesman when he tells you it can’t bring in the visitors and make money. Carefully, study the proposal at: http://www.confuencepark.org and see for yourself. Then, listen to what local water groups are starting to say about the project. Then, get on the internet and see the amazing things that real confluence park projects are doing in communities around the nation, including Grand Junction.

Don’t let this self-serving cabal steal the park and the opportunity. Stop the willful vandalizing of this resource for private profit. Make City Council stop the destruction until the community has a fair look and a real vote.

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

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