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LETTER: Human-caused global warming: Smokescreen

President Obama has opened up a campaign supporting the fallacy of human-caused global warming in an attempt to divert attention from the many scandals spewing from his administration including:

• Fast and Furious. Has anyone been arrested or fired?

• Obamacare. Have the designers of the ill-fated software been fired?

• Benghazi. Why has only one of the attackers been arrested after Obama assured us that all would be pursued and prosecuted?

• IRS. Why is Lois Lerner not being prosecuted by Attorney General Holder? Since she took the Fifth, she obviously broke the law. Why have no IRS staff members been fired and charged with crimes?

• Veterans Administration. Why were administrative shortcomings allowed to continue far into the Obama presidency?

• The failure of Holder to prosecute obvious cases of voter intimidation. Why wasn’t someone arrested?

• The release of five terrorists from Guantanamo without consulting Congress.

• Numerous instances of creating executive orders, a form of legislation, not intended as such, by the Constitution.

Obama hopes that the smokescreen of human-caused global warming will make voters forget all of the above.

For a true reading of climate change contact a Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, http://www.cfact.org.

These researchers have the true facts.

Dick Prosence


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