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LETTER: I-70 closure was excessive

Re: the shooting of Colorado State Patrol trooper Eugene Hofacker May 8 in Glenwood Canyon. We all give thanks that trooper Hofacker is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery. Many thanks also to his partner, Shane Gosnell, for his brave action in “taking out” the alleged shooter. These troopers do a great job helping to protect us from the crazies who roam around our country.

The incident, however, brings to my mind a couple of questions. Firstly, why was a person with the criminal record of the alleged shooter out on bail given his lengthy and violent past? I hope the “justice” who approved his release sleeps well at night.

My second issue has to do with the closing of I-70 in both directions for 7-8 hours. I understand that when there is an incident such as took place in the canyon, everybody in law enforcement has to, or wants to get involved in the action. But c’mon man. What was to investigate in the eastbound lanes that took 7 or 8 hours? It’s not as if a major manhunt had to be launched between Wolcott and Glenwood Springs — the shooter was dead!

Sheriff Lou Vallario is quoted as saying that it was necessary to stop traffic to allow “emergency vehicles” to respond to the crime scene. I would assume that trooper Hofacker was transported to Valley View Hospital within a short period of time, perhaps an hour or so. According to Sheriff Vallario, the shooter’s body was transported to the Garfield County coroner’s office at around 4 p.m. So far I can count only one emergency vehicle, sheriff.

I’m not a law enforcement officer but I do consider myself a reasonably intelligent and questioning person and I would be pleased if one of these authorities would enlighten us as to why thousands of motorists had to spend virtually all day sitting in their vehicles while red and blue lights flashed over the valley.

Bill Myers


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