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Letter: I’d rather hear Mr. T than Mr. R

Though I often read them, I rarely take time to respond to letters to the editor. What set my fingers to typing was Ryan Ratkiewicz’s snarky response to Ross Talbott’s column.

It wasn’t the snark-factor that rankled me: it was the irascible Mr. Ratkiewicz’s personal attacks on dear old “Mr. T.” Are letters containing “ad hominems” even supposed to make it into print?

On Talbott’s writing ability: “I was surprised to see such a masterpiece penned by Mr. Talbott.” (Obvious sarcasm.) In other words, “You’re a bad writer who’s not worthy to appear in the PI.

Talbott is also called a dabbler in “bitterness, misogyny, racism, homophobia with splashes of cognitive dissonance.” In the 35 years I’ve known him, I’ve yet to see any evidence of these traits in Mr. T. He does tend to repeat himself. So do most leaders and statesmen/women. Repetition helps us remember.

Mr. R also lets fly that Talbott is a greedy capitalist after Ayn Rand’s own heart. (My translation.) Though an avid reader, I doubt Mr. T has ever picked up “Atlas Shrugged,” let alone the dusty tomes of Adam Smith. However, the businesses Mr. T. has built (including “Mr. T’s Hardware”) have raised the standard of living in our community and provided many good jobs. I’m not buying the socialist piffle that Mr. T’s economic ideas are creating massive income inequalities.

And what’s with the “world-has-changed-but-you-haven’t” nonsense? Might as well say: “You’re an out-of-touch, right-wing Republican and I’m an enlightened, progressive, liberal Democrat.” Mr. T told me he’s not opposed to change, but he also has the cognitively dissonant notion that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Mr. R seems to believe that “bitter” old capitalists like Talbott are the reason the world isn’t a better place, so he resorts to naughty names and calls for censorship. Meanwhile, Mr. T got up at 6 this morning to work at making this corner of the world better for his having been here. I’d much rather hear what he has to say.

David J. Miller

New Castle

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