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Letter: Immigration isn’t going anywhere but forward

Martin Luther King Day. The day kids don’t go to school, banks aren’t open, and a day of remembrance of all the hardships that black Americans had to go through to gain their freedom in a country that boasts how free their people are. Today being that day I took the time to read through the “I Have A Dream” speech and reflect on what it means to be a first generation American from Hispanic immigrant descent.

Immigration, like the black civil rights movement was in the 1960s, is a topic that is constantly brought up in political debates and civil rights movements as of late. We have come to a point in history where what the law states as being correct people are starting to see as wrong, or unethical. Is it OK for people to come to the U.S. seeking refuge from drugs, violence and corrupt governments? Absolutely, as long as they come in to the country through legal means.

There are many questions yet to be answered about immigration, questions that if left unanswered will only build up until we reach a tipping point. That tipping point isn’t too far in the future, with many political candidates seeing that the Latino vote will play a key role in future elections. Just like the civil rights and women’s rights movements, immigration is a topic that isn’t going anywhere but forward. MLK Day is a reminder of how far we have come and how much more we have yet to do in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

“We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

Tony Mendez

Glenwood Springs

Colorado Mountain College student

Son of immigrant parents

Written on Martin Luther King Day

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