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Letter: Immigration issues solved

Impossible! Ridiculous! Can’t round up 12 million people. Wah, wah,wah. It’s time the GOP establishment and the entire Democratic Party stop lying about Trump’s ability to enforce our immigration laws.

First off, we won’t need to “round up” anyone. Mitt Romney had the answer when he said they’d self deport. Of course he was muzzled by the big money-puppet masters who write the laws for our elected “lawmakers” to enact.

We have the means to verify Social Security numbers. We’d start with the 6.5 million active SSN’s that belong to people who supposedly are all over 112 years of age (ref. Denver Post March 15, 2015; p.5A). We need to impose a fine of only $500 or $1,000 per illegal worker per week. Give half the fine to whistleblowers, and they’ll be falling over each other turning in people working illegally and employers.

The immediate result would be a dramatic shift in the labor pool resulting in substantial wage increases for all U.S. citizens. And no families need to be “torn apart.” People here illegally can take their U.S.-born offspring back to their homeland. Their reward for breaking our immigration laws and being sneaky is dual citizenship for those children in the greatest country on Earth. Those children can return to the U.S. whenever they desire.

Getting Mexico to pay for our wall will be even easier. Last year’s foreign aid (i.e. charity) to Mexico totaled over $200 million. In his first term, Trump would divert almost a billion dollars from Mexico to our wall. Trade tariffs could easily make up the rest.

A Trump presidency with Republican majorities in both houses will give this country back to its citizens, to more income equality and a better standard of living by securing our borders.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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