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Letter: Impossible, costly dream?

We do need more schools, and we need funds to maintain the existing ones. I ask everyone to read the proposal carefully. It is long and complicated.

On the ballot we are asked to agree to “acquire or construct affordable rental housing … to attract and retain district teachers and staff.” Who is included in “and staff?” Do you think the school district should be getting into subsidizing housing? Who will stand up for and subsidize housing for others in our community? For police, fire, and medical personnel? Will they be eligible for this new rental housing?

Another letter writer declared that he needs more information about the buildings to be constructed and to be able to see plans before we vote. Are there concrete plans? Are we to approve spending millions of dollars to build before there are concrete plans? Are we rushing into this?

Everyone — please think through the 3B ballot issue thoroughly and not let us get into an impossible, very costly dream.

Judith Elzinga

Glenwood Springs

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