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Letter: Impotent rage solves nothing

Kurt Denton of Silt had a rather interesting letter in which he recommended the president of the U.S. be arrested and then went on at length about his supposed crimes, cronies, frauds, corruptions, thefts, etc.

It was a remarkable illustration of the main problem in our nation’s political discourse: rampant paranoia. A diatribe of complaints with vague or nonexistent evidence cooked up in a fevered mind and spread like an infectious disease to everyone nearby. I don’t care for our current president, but the solution to our problems is not to be found in raging against the machine yet doing nothing.

If you are a citizen, get off your couch and vote. If you care about issues, get involved in the solutions. It’s incredibly easy — and lazy — to impotently rage about conspiracies, much harder to put aside divisions and work the issues. We need fewer politicians and more statesmen. We need far fewer people working at lining their own pockets over lifting up all of us. We need none of the rabid divisionary language that fuels our politics now.

We are not libtards, the party of no, republicants or dumbocrats. We are Americans, and if we can’t pull ourselves together, what hope is there for the rest of the world?

Kathy Wilson


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