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LETTER: In response to Neufeld letter

In response to Laurie Neufeld’s Jan. 22 letter, I’d like to see your “bulletproof, factual rebuttals” and your “really eye-opening facts” Share them with us, will you?

I don’t watch/listen to “Uncle Rush”… don’t even know when he is on the air. But, I do watch Fox News … particularly Bret Baier and Bill O’Reilly. Obviously you do too, because your letter indicated so.

Have you heard Fox contributors such as Juan Williams, Kirsten Powers, James Carville, Bob Beckel and others? They don’t get much more out in left field and yet they are on Fox almost every night giving the “leftist” point of view, so we can get “educated” to both sides.

Obama says the buck stops with him. But it doesn’t … it stops with us. We are the ones on meager salaries paying into the welfare system … more in taxes every year. How do you defend the persistent increases in welfare budgets and decreases in Social Security budgets? Social Security was deducted from my paycheck for years and years … it belongs to me … I need it. There are people on food stamps and unemployment … not because they need to be, but because they can be. We will soon be called upon to bail out Obamacare because it won’t be able to finance itself. Remember, it is a tax.

Good for you, Laurie. You might be wealthy and able to help everyone as the welfare list gets longer and longer, but I live on a retirement income and I can’t afford to.

Jean Pristas

New Castle

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