Letter: Inaccuracies in Valley View/Petrie building transaction


I read the press release from Garfield County in the Aug. 6 Aspen Times concerning county property acquisitions and in the Aug. 7 Post Independent. The information didn’t come from the not-yet-hired communications person.

This probably came from the chief of staff as he is a former Colorado Springs journalist. There were inaccuracies. The errors were in stating property values and where or how they were derived.

This is in reference to the proposed Valley View transaction. In 2009, I was directed to get appraisals of the “dirt under” Valley View and the “Petrie Building” at 110 8th street. The “dirt” was $4,000,000 and the Petrie Building was $ 1,800,000. The work was done by a licensed commercial appraisal firm.

So Valley View is to “give” the county the Petrie building and $ 1,100,000 for the dirt under Valley View. Guess what, the county comes up short by $ 1,100,000. Not surprising as the county paid over $1,000,000 beyond the appraisal for the Worrell and Durrett Building. They then announce that they are buying the building at 810 Pitkin for $665,000, although the Post story reports $865,000 [the latter amount was the “corrected amount” sent out by county officials]. Was the appraisal done by a licensed commercial appraiser or a good friend? There is a Republican political connection with the ownership of the Pitkin property.

No matter that the chief of staff opines that the county would never get $4,000,000 for the dirt. Of significance is that without county ownership, what would preclude the Valley View Board of Directors from selling the hospital to Humana, HCA or any other interested company (think more expensive health care)? Additionally, the BOCC has taken three structures off the tax roles at the expense of the Glenwood Springs DDA. They are now going to have to pick up maintenance/property management responsibility for three old buildings.

There are inferred county uses; when and by which departments? As is, we have government landlords for private sector tenants — not too Republican. I give it to you, the three amigos are adept at putting lipstick on pigs.

Dale Hancock

Glenwood Springs

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