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Letter: Incubator needs incubation

An incubator for Glenwood, PI 2/18/17, is a nice idea, but it needs to get in line. The ex-library is a valuable resource and should be repurposed wisely. For many, many years the community has asked for and voted for a senior center and a performing arts theater. Committees and commissions have spent thousands of hours articulating our needs, with no action by the city.

My proposal is for a grand “musical chairs,” or repurposed facilities reorganization. Begin planning for a new art center along with a theater at the confluence. Once done, move the Frontier Museum into the hydroelectric building. Meanwhile, open a senior center at the ex-library. This is all doable and affordable.

The arts/theater element would be a perfect component of a multiuse community complex along with tourism and riverfront activities. A reimagined museum in the historic hydro building would be a wonderful and much visited anchor to the new Sixth Street development. And, what better place for the much-needed senior center than in the old town next to transportation, CMC, the library and other services?

Speaking of CMC (our community organization), wouldn’t it be the perfect fit for the incubator? Maybe partner with the chamber? Maybe upstairs in the CMC/Library building?

Dean Moffatt

Glenwood Springs

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