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Letter: Ingraham has the temperament, expertise

I am urging you to vote for Jim Ingraham for the at-large seat on the Glenwood Springs City Council. Jim’s temperament, dedication and expertise will continue to serve the city well. He is dedicated to protecting our quality of life and preserving our neighborhoods

A key aspect of neighborhood quality is providing the basic infrastructure of up-to-date streets and utilities. Jim’s financial expertise has been demonstrated through his service on the city’s Financial Advisory Board and in his current role on the City Council where he has made a major contribution in developing a financial model for rebuilding the city’s substandard streets with minimum financial impact on city residents (70 percent of the proposed street tax is paid by non-residents). This well-conceived program will serve us all far into the future.

Jim is thoughtful. He listens. He understands Glenwood’s values and culture. He takes time to carefully consider all aspects of every issue. He strives to solve problems through collaborative, innovative and realistic solutions.

Jim has the overall character, dedication and expertise to help lead Glenwood into the future. I urge you to vote for Jim Ingraham.

John Burg

Glenwood Springs

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