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LETTER: Interesting stats on leaking gas wells

I highly recommend the movie “Gasland 2,” by Josh Fox, on HBO. It was very interesting what he had to say about leaking gas wells. When a company drills a well they encase the hole with concrete and that keeps the gas from leaking. Schlumberger is the world’s largest oilfield services company, and by their own research, they say 5 percent of concrete casing fail immediately. Immediately, as in “never works to begin with.”

According to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel on Jan. 19, Garfield County had 10,102 gas wells. Five percent of that is 505. So on 505 gas wells, the concrete casings failed immediately and are leaking gas. Hmmm … industry’s own research says 505 gas wells are leaking natural gas in Garfield County. So how do you tell? Who are the “lucky” ones that have an odorless, colorless gas leaking in to the atmosphere on their property? When H2S contaminated water is forced down the hole in those wells, is that H2S leaking in to the air? Who knows?

Molli Deines


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