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Letter: Inviting accidents

I am writing to you about an epiphany I had a few days ago — an epiphany, according to Webster, is an experience of sudden and striking insight.

I was driving to the Glenwood nursery to purchase some starts for my garden. I turned off Highway 6 to park at the site — you know the street between the greenhouse and the Elks club.

As I am driving in, suddenly two very young boys appear, sitting on an old large skateboard flying down the street headed directly toward impact with the front of my car They were laughing and not paying attention. I slammed on my brakes and they skidded to a halt, preventing a terrible accident. They ran off and I parked. l looked up the hill, and it seemed they had come from a trailer park or housing project up there, and I thought, “These poor kids have no place to play.” It is crowded up there, and I saw a lot of parked cars.

This Oasis apartment project will have a large and crowded parking lot and these apartments will be between two very busy roads. Where will the children get to play and run around? I suspect they will be running around the parking area a lot. And that lot will be packed.

I cannot imagine such a small parking arrangement for so many apartments and people.

How many people these days have one car? How many do you council members have? If there are workers living in this complex, I can bet they will have a car and a truck, or perhaps a truck and a motorcycle. Hardly anyone today has one vehicle.

Who are we kidding about this parking lot? Too many people in a small amount of space, and, yes, they will be parking outside of the lot and on the surrounding busy streets and, yes, accidents will happen when little kids having no place to play and someday, someone will drive over them.

Cheryl Brandon

Glenwood Springs

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