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Letter: Iran can’t be trusted

Mr. Holdread’s letter to the Post Independent is most disturbing in that he seems to have a real trust for the Islamic leaders. Is this Socratic irony, merely irony or does Mr. Holdread really believe that the Obama/Kerrey Iran deal will provide the world with any measure of security?

I cannot tell you which country to fear the most between China, Russia or Iran, but my eighth-grade grandson knows that Iran is already waging and backing wars in many countries. Mr. Holdread, do you recall that Iran held our embassy hostage for 444 days, that they are killing innocent Christians and nonbelievers in their religion?

Iran has displayed hatred of Israel and the United States. Don’t you believe that they were involved with 9/11 and other attacks on our soil? Do you think that the billions of dollars that will be released in favor of Iran will not be used for the destruction of cities and human lives? Did you know that even Obama thinks that Iran cannot be trusted?

“By the people and for the people” — almost 70 percent of U.S. citizens are against the Iran agreement. Therefore, the president and Congress should also be against it.

Hopefully Tipton and Buck are at least equally concerned with the well-being of all the U.S. citizens as they are with “representing the people of their rural districts.” Additionally, you maintain that these two congressmen have the interests of “foreign lobbies,” which would have to be Russia and China since they are the two countries that would gain from this Iran “deal.” As for Israel, they have had the big bomb, and even though Iran has continued to maintain that they will eliminate Israel, our Jewish friends have declined to destroy Iran.

So, why has Israel held back from protecting itself from this hateful Islamic country? You, Mr. Holdread, have some very strange notions. Or perhaps you are just jesting. I hope so.

Dick Fitzgerald


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