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Letter: ISIL and Big Oil have lost

I hate to have to inform Dick Fitzgerald that, yes, the “We the People” in our founding documents are inclusive of all peoples.

Furthermore, if you are one to insist it was handled down to us by a Christian God, it includes every single member of the human race no matter of race, creed or point of origin amongst the artificial borders. This is the love your enemy part that nine out of 10 believers let go by the wayside, and five out of 10 usurp with the cause celebre originating within the backbiting of backsliders.

The self-righteous abiding in the denial of the civil war in Syria is one we helped to create. Backing insurrection with no intestinal fortitude to stay the course. In other words, do the only action that effects regime change: be conquerors and impose our will to the third generation.

So being a country with no real balls, we’ve rallied behind the least objectionable thug against the other — least objectionable meaning of course allowing Western interest to steal the bulk of their resources. Something neither Qaddafi or Assad has been.

This School of the Americas doctorate thesis, put in action once again, upon the Arab Summer rather than South American countries (sufficiently raped and pillaged) is oddly still about oil.

ISIL was birthed as our and the Saudi ultra-fundamentalist Wahhabi faction of Sunni new warrior sons to keep the conflict endless. A faction Western interests must obey (and did covertly, promoted throughout the whole of the two Gulf wars; as everyone in Washington knows) because if they (the Wahhabi Saudis) choose to open the spigot, oil can drop as far as to $10/ barrel overnight. The objective is keeping the oil in the ground. This is why we are bombing oil fields rather than the enemy.

So, Dick, we the real peoples must inform you, in your organization’s support of corporations the Supreme Court made persons (to have any standing outside this house of cards), this game of playing one side against the other is over. ISIL and Big Oil have lost. Humanity wins.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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