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Letter: It takes a herd

Amy Barr

On behalf of the dozens of dogs and cats and the pony and the goat and the chickens and the humans and — yes — even the tiny hedgehog whose fab portrait made it into the Post Independent, the Two Rivers Unitarian Universalists and Colorado Animal Rescue thank our local newspaper for covering the fifth annual Blessing of the Animals, held Oct. 10.

A few barks and meows also go to the Rev. Florence Caplow, Jim Calaway, and musicians Jimmy Byrne and Ellen Stapenhorst. Kudos to the additional guest speakers. Really, when a woman and her football tackler of a husband — named “Chip” — told how they came to adopt “Salsa,” a tiny Chihuahua-something-or-other living at CARE, no one could quibble that it was a hot match made in heaven. Or, how about the second speaker, who brought his dogs and cat to be blessed, fervently urged audience members to adopt the many pets at the shelter right then and there, and handed over a $500 donation to the shelter?

That’s when the audience members were certain that they were in the right place at the right time on such a lovely autumn morning in the mountains. The coffee, juice and baked goods simply added to the festivities.

How much is that doggie in the window? Priceless, of course.

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