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Letter: It’s a simple formula

Most city dwellers know and understand this formula: The greater the distance, the more time, the greater the cost, decreased safety, lowered efficiency, lowered effectiveness. D = time + cost + safety + efficiency + effectiveness = too great a cost.

When it comes to daily expenses or weekly expenses, etc. apply the formula.

Training our local firefighters — apply the formula. Firefighting efforts — apply the formula. 1-70 closures — apply the formula. Servicing emergency transport aircraft — apply the formula. Flight training for local pilots — apply the formula. Tourist activities — apply the formula. Cub Scout aviation badges — apply the formula. Out of town pilot visits — apply the formula.

Many non-pilots don’t understand the fundamentals of flight. When temperatures are too high, helicopters need more room to fly in ground effect to get the speed necessary for flight. The helipad at the hospital can’t provide fueling or maintenance services — apply the formula. When the local airport is no longer available — apply the formula.

When a human life or a home is at stake, this formula doesn’t work. It is way too costly.

I attended the recent Monday night meeting of the City Council candidates. I heard, more than once, that the airport’s future will be up to the voters — again! This issue has already been determined and the city doesn’t need the cost of another election for voters to say they want the airport to stay.

I believe that the benefits of a local general aviation airport far outweigh the benefit of more buildings.

Once it is gone, it is gone. Apply the formula.

Stephanie Stanfield,

Glenwood Springs

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