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Letter: It’s time to refocus our attention

I have lived in this valley for about 17 years and I have never seen such a waste of space in our valley’s newspapers about one subject — yes, you guessed it, marijuana. At least two articles daily on the subject. As far as I know marijuana was voted on and received the majority votes to put into law. I thought that voting was one of our American rights.

I realize there are a lot of people who do not agree with it, however the majority of your fellow Colorado neighbors did and they do. Most of the concerns seem to be centered around our youth and the impact on them, rightfully so, but where are the same concerns over the use of cigarettes and our youth? Every day you see 13- and 14-year-olds walking down our streets in our communities, not only do the very same people who condemn marijuana turn a blind eye, but also the authorities when it comes to cigarettes.

Everything I have seen or read has never shown any negative scientific proof on the effects of marijuana and our health, only positive. Opinions yes, facts no. However this country spends billions of dollars a year on people with medical issues caused by cigarettes. Not counting all the deaths.

I realize this is a sensitive issue, however, let us remember the people voted to have it legalized. It’s time we started to put our efforts into stopping the abuse of cigarettes and alcohol, especially in our youth. I have heard that marijuana is a gateway to stronger drugs, I believe cigarettes are the gateway to all of the above-mentioned drugs. If we really want to help our youth and communities let’s start with the root cause.

I commend all of our chiefs of police and law enforcement in most of our communities. They might not agree with this law, but they realize it was approved by the people and have stated they will deal with it like all laws mandated by their communities. Let’s refocus our eyes and attention if we want to make a difference.

Scott Redding


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