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Letter: Jankovsky favoring his special interests

Why does Garfield County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky say the proposed new oil shale regulation is based on a special interest lawsuit?

Tom is all about promoting the oil shale business to collect the revenues which he controls and spends as an elected commissioner. I call THAT favoring HIS special interests. And the voters will remember this when his Election Day rolls around.

Another case in point — Tom Jankovsky protecting oil and gas drilling on BLM land. Special interests, Tom?

He sure has a way of twisting the truth, making it sound as if protecting endangered species is a bad thing. Of course, he doesn’t say it that way, as if Garfield County has a program of its own. Did we the taxpayers pay for this trip (to Washington) to present his distorted views? He doesn’t represent me. Did anyone from Garfield County go to present the opposite view?

Ruth Belda

New Castle

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