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Letter: Jankovsky has us on the right track

As a guest at the Glenwood Springs Realtors Association’s Candidate Forum, I was fortunate to hear both candidates for county commissioner detail their vision for the future of Garfield County. After hearing both men articulate their positions, I believe the choice is clear and Tom Jankovsky should be re-elected.

Jankovsky’s understanding of the challenges facing Garfield County as well as his record of promoting the economic diversity of the county make him the right man for the job. His ability to bring business credentials to the position of county commissioner four years ago, brought a unique and truly needed set of skills just as the county faced the darkest days of the Great Recession. We have not fully recovered, but Jankovsky’s leadership has us on the right track.

This is not to say that he is perfect. Commissioner candidate Sullivan does make a strong point when he says that there are people in this county whose views are underrepresented. He points primarily to our more liberal friends in the eastern part of the county who would favor a tourism-based economy and believe the commissioners are too cozy with the gas industry. Sullivan’s campaign, however, is single-minded in its approach by merely opposing current policies.

Sullivan says he hopes to serve as a cheerleader for the Roaring Fork Valley, but as commissioner he must serve the entire county. Our leaders need to work to bridge our current factions and bring not just a sense of balance but true collaboration to their policies. I will admit that the current commissioners can and should do a better job of this, especially in western Garfield County, where Democrats find themselves frustrated and unheard on natural gas development and environmental issues. Sullivan’s approach would exacerbate existing divisions.

I believe that Tom Jankovsky is working toward greater collaboration. He understands that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for a county as diverse as ours — different parts of the county need different solutions. He has shown he works for the good of all the citizens of this county not just District 1. Re-elect Tom Jankovsky county commissioner.

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