Letter: Jarrett’s positions

As candidate for trustee in Parachute, I would like to accurately state my position and goals. This counters some inaccurate statements about me and my husband which were posted on Facebook.

The morning of June 19, 2015, I was at Town Hall asking how it happened the board majority could have voted to allow marijuana businesses in town so quickly. Where was the vote of the people? I began going house to house asking if people would have liked to vote on this important issue. I was joined by a Board member who resigned to help me with canvassing. Eighty-eight percent of the self-identified voters said they would have liked to vote for or against the option of marijuana.

Being concerned that the voice of the people should be heard, Let the People Vote started an official citizen initiated petition to get this matter to a vote of the people. We lawfully provided a way for the board to repeal Ordinance 683 which would have prohibited marijuana business in town. Then the vote, which can happen by law at any time, would have been, “Shall marijuana businesses be allowed?” The board majority voted that this process not happen, so the vote will be Nov. 8 of this year.

My concern is that the decision to allow marijuana businesses in town was made on financial considerations in haste. The climate of our town would have been more amenable if there had been informational meetings presenting the views from both sides and then allowing the people to vote as was done in many of the 271 municipalities of Colorado.

My goals are to bring a more civil discourse to our town meetings, to increase communication with our community and to let the citizens know the board is approachable. The voters will indicate whether they think my position and goals are worthy or not. I am satisfied that my grandchildren will know I was willing to stand up for what I thought was the right thing to do no matter the personal cost.

Pam Jarrett

Parachute trustee candidate

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