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LETTER: Jenks shows she is no mindless pawn

Diatribe, you say? In Mark Larson’s May 10 letter to the Post Independent he calls me ignorant, venomous, ill-informed, blathering, an unsuspecting consumer, clueless, and an unsophisticated “expert.” Larson (who represents petroleum marketing interests) asserts that I am a mindless pawn of MegaCorp and whines that I lambasted poor, defenseless Swallow Oil company. Let me respond.

I am a magna cum laude graduate of Indiana University. I have a doctorate in my field and have published numerous times in professional journals. I am a former member of American Mensa. I profitably managed one of three departments at a San Francisco insurance underwriting firm, dealing both with U.S. and London markets. I was managing director of the Las Vegas Symphony and co-director for the Las Vegas Junior Conservatory, an entity that I helped to establish. For more than 15 years I taught at CU’s College of Music and in its University Writing Program. I taught Argumentative and Analytical Writing as part of CU’s Critical Thinking requirements. I taught these topic-oriented courses across the disciplines, meaning I instructed aerospace majors, micro-biologists, musicians, business majors and others. I was twice nominated for teaching awards at CU, and my students were honored for their accomplishments under my tutelage. I was nominated by my students for inclusion in “Who’s Who In American Teaching.” I hope this information adequately addresses Larson’s “Linda is a witless imbecile” premise.

Moreover, Larson’s comments regarding City Market indicate that he does not understand our local situation. Our City Market is staffed by friends and neighbors who treat us fairly. Did Swallow Oil ever do the same?

It’s time for me to ’fess up: I am a former Nader’s Raider. I marched with Nader’s crew in Cleveland to convince corporate polluters to clean up the Cayuhoga River, which they did. Personally, I always evaluate the pros and cons of shopping at big box stores. For Larson to imply that I blindly endorse any old corporate practice represents another error in his attempt at argument.

Finally, the bullying tone of his ad hominem attack does not intimidate as he might have hoped and instead earns him a failing grade for a poor job of discussing the issues.

Linda Jenks


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