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Letter: Judicial implosion

In response to the legal representation of Mr. Cabrera: Since when do the taxpayers become liable for costs incurred by such a horrific crime, in which Mr. Cabrera allegedly wittingly and irresponsibly involved himself, with an income such has been shown in the application for a public defender?

It was not the taxpayers who decided to commit these crimes; it was Mr. Cabrera who, by the way, is innocent until proven guilty, that allegedly initiated these decisions. I personally have been in the legal system and personally had to pay for my own defense. My income and assets were substantially lower [than Cabrera’s] during this time that I irresponsibly made bad decisions.

Is it the job of the public defender’s office to grant the legal team of the state to defend Mr. Cabrera? The judicial system is in a backward spiral for even suggesting such and granting this defense. The $450,000 price tag for private defense should fall on Mr. Cabrera’s shoulders, not the citizens of the county and the state.

Is this a case in which notoriety is the goal of the legal team? I suggest they drop back six yards and punt.

Larry D. Cunningham


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