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Letter: Kaup a visionary

Glenwood Springs is at a crossroads. Call it growing pains, call it progress, call it a new century — now more than ever the individual we choose for City Council will help direct and shape our future. Our vote goes to Shelley Kaup. Shelley is a clear-headed visionary who will stand up for the neighborhoods and residents of Glenwood Springs.

Shelley’s experience working with CLEER (Clean Energy Economy for the Region) as an energy coach for business and homeowners, is helping to guide the community to a more energy efficient and sustainable lifestyle. She has extensive experience in the building industry, using energy efficient improvements to reduce energy costs and environmental impacts. With an engineering background and committed community leadership, Shelley has raised her three sons in Glenwood and is a trusted and respected small business owner.

Glenwood needs her forward-looking approach to solve the issues we now face: the new bridge and the increased traffic in and through town, all the while seeking balance with the small-town culture we all love. Shelley has proven to be open-minded and has spent 15 years serving on commissions in Glenwood Springs. She will work for the community. We are fortunate to have her working for Glenwood Springs.

Mary and Bob Noone

Glenwood Springs

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