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Letter: Keep Glenwood’s cleanup

I am never short of amazed at how public officials continue to have grandiose ideas about what their constituents need without listening or consulting us first — case in point the acting city manager, Mr. Andrew Gorgey, who recently announced what a great idea it would be to get rid of the city of Glenwood Springs’ annual curbside cleanup. Mr. Gorgey was quoted as referring to this service as time-consuming and costly, referring to the labor by city workers and the cost to the city, which was approximately $100,000 to $135,000 a year according to his recent analysis. His solution is simple: Get rid of this service.

I would simply like to know how many local residents Mr. Gorgey interviewed before making his comments, because everyone (about 50 people thus far) that I have talked to believe that the annual trash pickup is a great service and it would be ridiculous to stop it. This is the city’s one opportunity to have its residents help clean up the entire city. As stated in a previous letter to the editor, it is an excellent help for the elderly, the handicapped and those who have issues in either lifting or transporting items to the city’s dump; their only opportunity to do their part in beatifying the city of Glenwood Springs.

Also, in regards to the man hours and labor of city workers, isn’t this the slow period for city workers — that is, between plowing snow and the summer when their work picks up? Besides, aren’t we the ones who are paying their salaries already? Also, what can $100,000 buy in this economy? I would much prefer using it to clean up the city.

Finally, I would like to complement the code enforcement officer for the job that she does and believe that this service could only make her job a little easier (by the way, I understand that the city is presently conducting interviews for a second code enforcement officer — if that is true, then wouldn’t this annual curbside service make it a little easier for both officers in the future? This service is a not a bad idea; it’s a great idea, and if Mr. Gorgey would simply ask a few people their opinions, then he would quickly realize how good this service is and how everyone is in favor of it. The idea of removing one more of the few free services that the city offers its residents does not hit me as a very good idea. I’m sure that, sooner or later, the city will make up for the cost of this service through taxes as it has always done in the past.

Joe Infascelli

Glenwood Springs

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