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Letter: Keep the cleanup

Please, please, please don’t discontinue the yearly trash pick-up. You want to give everyone a free truckload to the dump instead, but this policy would discriminate against the elderly, the handicapped and cancer survivors who don’t have their strength back who may be unable to load a mattress or a sofa or a piano into a truck, and the vast majority of citizens who don’t own a truck.

Instead, how about having the city workers make a note of which addresses have trash pile in front of them and charge those addresses an extra fee along with their water bill? We’re already in the city computer system, and I would gladly pay for the service. I’m sure others would, too.

As for people driving into Glenwood with their trash — really? We could be neighborhood watchers and take down license plate numbers. But isn’t it better that their trash is dumped in the city than in the river or along the highway?

Please don’t discontinue the yearly trash pick-up. If you think our city looks trash for a few weeks during the pick-up, just wait till all the people without trucks have to get rid of their trash some other way.

Deborah Williams

Glenwood Springs

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