LETTER: Kellogg may sing different tune in 10 years


It is a mystery to me what blender of education, religion, life experience and fear produces the mixed-up belief that the clearly proven science acknowledging manmade global warming has been engendered to take something from someone. James Kellogg on Aug 20. wrote about his reluctance to give up “freedom and prosperity to stop further changes in earth’s weather.” Freedom, freedom to be an irresponsible, head-in-the-sand, conspiracy theorist defender of the anything-but-free-market economy?

The only thing I heard the president say about “fossil fuels, the engine of the free market economy” is that he will attempt to end the ridiculous subsidies extended to them. That action could make the markets a little closer to the revered “free market,” for nascent wind and solar industries. If greater taxation of the most profitable business of any time or any place is considered unfair confiscation of oil and gas industry profits you need a class in government … or ethics.

The monetary well-being of our country and world has vanished into thin and dirty air thanks to globalization, and the greed of unrestrained financial systems, and failure of some to see an end to finite resources, which include air, water and food. Reluctance to face the future assured us by government unwilling or unable to rein in global climate change and the fossil fuel economy is a threat to our existence.

Clip your Aug. 20 piece in the Post Independent, Mr. Kellogg, put it in an envelope and read it to your children in 10 years and let them tell you what they think.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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