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Letter: Kudos to the Garfield Country library system

On Aug. 7, I attended a presentation by Ariana Rico Bustillos about a documentary film SUNNY, which addresses the destruction of rural life in Mexico. This presentation was held in the Community Room of our new Carbondale Branch Library.

Why was it so special to me? Because I could hear every word that Ariana spoke. You see, I’m hearing impaired and for years have not been able to attend library talks and presentations because I could not hear what was said. Now I can thanks to an induction loop system that the Garfield County Library installed and which magnetically transmits sounds to hearing aids and cochlear implants.

People, who like me, have a cochlear implant, and people who wear hearing aids only need to switch their device to the “T” mode (telephone-telecoil) and sound will come into their ears loud and clear. People who have a hearing loss but do not wear a hearing aid can request a wireless headset through which they too will be able to hear.

Further information about loop systems can be found at http://www.loopcolorado.com

Renata Scheder-Bieschin


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