Letter: Kudos to the staff at the Grand River Health center


Since I’ve been back in the valley and started writing again I’ve used some unrelenting adjectives to a few chosen parties — mostly politician — but they are by choice (as politicians) fodder for critics, so in that regard I could pass the blame to them. After all they could have chosen to be panhandlers or “frackin’ oil producers.”

Neither takes a great deal of talent. Although one of those could use a little empathy.

Having said that, I’d like to beg your indulgence for an observation during a recent brief visit to the Grand River Health center. The staff there deserve all the praise and positive adjectives within the boundaries of my limited skills. Their professionalism and diligent treatment under quite taxing circumstances — at best — were very impressive, at least.

The medical and pharmaceutical industry parallels syndicated crime often, but not always. Some have been denied claims by my insurance provider for offenses ranging from gouging and over-charging to out-and-out fraud, but that was in another place.

This is not about that. It’s about the real health care professionals that do provide honorable, selfless care to those in need. They deserve nothing less than all the praise and appreciation I can willfully offer, without provocation. The staff at Grand River Health can take due pride in their skills that they cheerfully provide to those truly in need. Those people actually ran up and down the hall — understaffed — to care for the patients suffering in triage. In all my vast experience in emergency rooms, I’ve never experienced such diligence.

Even though this was not a false alarm but a warning to me, they took the time — that they couldn’t really spare — and explained in simple vernacular what my immediate, as well as long term needs are.

Joe Lewis


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