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LETTER: Latinos not welcome in GWS

I am a Latino business owner in Glenwood Springs. Sadly, I must say that the more I see and hear about Latinos is making me think that we are not welcome in this Valley.

Blacks were discriminated against, the Native American was too, and the list goes on.

God help us if any other nationality moves in. Glenwood is becoming a prejudiced town, beginning with the police department, sheriff, courts, and I can go on and on.

What Glenwood needs is an Al Sharpton to come and start a rally against all those that think that they are better than the rest of us. This is a time of the year to be close, to be together in harmony. But, there are people in high positions that think that they are better than others.

There are wars in this world. When Sept. 11 happened, people made a circle and sang we are the world, we are the people. That was the only time I saw people gathering holding hands.

If Glenwood would meet and sing the song, maybe there might just be togetherness and love. There is hatred towards people from a different nationality here in Glenwood. Just look around … a cop will pull you over for a car light that is not working and his is also not working and you’ll go to jail if you are illegal. And, then comes the ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and breaks up families. What is this town becoming?

Property managers are discriminating, there is so much hatred. I once recruited people to work and live in what used to be a nice community. Not anymore would I recommend anyone to live, work or open a business in Glenwood.

Glenwood, wake up, look around. We are starting wars in our own streets. Stop the hate. Have what is called a merry Christmas. Remember the meaning of Christmas: It is not the tree, or the gifts it is Christ in that colorful box. Wake up. Glenwood.

Johnny Gonzalez

Glenwood Springs

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