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Letter: Lawmakers: Vote for consumer protection

I received a disturbing email from John Morse, of Americans for Principled Leadership. He was the state Senate president, now runs a small nonprofit informing those of us not attuned to the state Legislature’s business what they are up to. On last week’s agenda was a small item pertaining to removing a developer’s responsibility for lemon construction for affordable housing.


Yes, some developers of affordable housing think those pesky construction defect laws protecting consumers should be weakened so their insurance rates would go down, so they could better afford to build said houses and condos. This is the kind of under-the-radar issue we expect our elected representatives to responsibly vote on our for our best interests. But it is also exactly the kind of issue that campaign contributions can most influence — Realtors and developers are strong campaign donors, and know that their campaign friendliness results in legislation they like.

I am definitely not saying every Realtor or developer is involved in shady deals to bilk consumers out of quality housing, but I am saying there are issues that become before our state legislators that we are unaware of and that have long-term impacts. We cannot pay attention to every issue; we have lives to live away from Denver politics. We elect who we hope are responsible people, who make the best decisions for the most of us. We judge their character by their past actions, and by who they associate with. If their friends are questionable, are they questionable too?

My hope in writing this letter is to get the attention of our local representatives to Denver and to alert them that we are watching. We do notice how they vote, and we want them to vote against further weakening of the consumer protection laws that tell developers they are responsible for the housing they construct, especially if it gets preferred tax status for being affordable.

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