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Letter: Leadership from CDOT sadly lacking

I found it surprising that CDOT chief Don Hunt came to Glenwood Springs recently, if only to say that a badly needed highway improvement in Glenwood Springs was pretty well a “pipe dream” instead of offering to sit down with town citizens and discussing options for getting high traffic volumes off of Grand Avenue. I say “surprising” since getting the CDOT chiefs out into our part of the state is not easy. I begged Don for weeks to tour SH 13 from Rifle to Meeker with me and discuss mistakes that have been made, and he finally did send his chief engineer out to meet with me, resulting in a fruitful exchange.

Leadership by CDOT has been sadly lacking during recent years. As transportation experts, CDOT should be telling the city what needs to be done about SH 82 traffic in order to save this beautiful city. Instead they push a bridge replacement project that will lock 40,000-50,000 vehicles onto the single city boulevard, forever destroying the city’s vitality and image.

That is why the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act should be followed.

Dick Prosence


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