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Letter: Let the commissioners run show

The recent departure of the Garfield County attorney and county manager cost taxpayers something well in excess of $113,000, or, put another way, a couple of bucks per man, woman and child in the county.

The closest we come to an explanation is Commissioner Jankovsky’s concession that the problem was “hubris” or “extreme pride” on both sides.

I can understand that the commissioners might be challenging to work for. Anyone who’s watched them in action knows they can be prickly. A county manager might initially think he’s in charge, only to learn that he has three bosses looking over his shoulder. One or more could be afflicted with hubris.

I understand that problems arise in all organizations. But this was, especially for a county tightening its belt to offset declining oil and gas revenues, a pricey buyout. Would the commissioners have been so keen to clean house if the severance package were to be paid from their own ample salaries? Did anyone consider mediation, or was there too much hubris in the way?

Commissioner Jankovsky goes on to say, “The last thing I want to see is the commissioners trying to micromanage any more than they already do.” So the problem was both hubris and micromanagement. Micromanagement, while normally considered a weak management trait, might actually help us here. If the commissioners’ inclination is to micromanage, why not eliminate the county manager position and let the commissioners run the county, down to picking out the office furniture and hiring the staff? I’m dead serious here.

In just a year the county could recoup what it just frittered away, and the commissioners could finally have it their way.

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