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Letter: Let’s clean up our act

Dear humans who live in these valleys and planet, I call your attention to the trash situation in our beautiful valleys and planet.

It is not a matter of pointing fingers or avoiding responsibility.

It is the fault of all of us humans who live here. If we are vigilant we will notice the sad state of dirtiness that is everywhere. You and I, all of us, as conscious inhabitants must make the effort to better this situation and educate our descendants to pay attention to cleanliness.

When we see papers, cans, plastic containers and general trash we must consciously pick them up and dispose of them in the multiple trash cans throughout the valleys. We must give the example to those who haven’t learned it yet. If we have mascots, we must make sure to pick up after them.

All this must be done without complaining or accusing. Example is the best teacher.

Are you ready to give that example? The sooner we start the sooner our area will be clean.

Paddy Flynn

Glenwood Springs

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