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Letter: Let’s have a vote on bridge options

The message we have been getting recently from the state Department of Transportation, local officials and the Post Independent is we just need to accept the Grand Avenue Bridge, based on some feeling that we should take what is being offered and be happy with it. Local officials keep referring to lack of consensus, though it seems pretty rare to see any government act on the basis of perceived consensus. Unfortunately, this so-called consensus has in fact turned into acquiescence. It saves us from making the tough decisions.

There is really a very straightforward solution to the bridge dilemma: have a formal Glenwood Springs vote by all the electorate. Propose four specific alternatives:

A. Replace the Grand Avenue Bridge.

B. Build a bypass on Midland Avenue through the city, requiring a new bridge from I-70.

C. Build a bypass on the railroad/trail corridor, again requiring a new bridge from I-70.

D. Do nothing. (Yes, that is an option. Aspen did that with the Maroon Creek bridge for many years.)

If none of the options receives a majority of the vote, we can have a runoff election on the two highest vote getters. In the end, at least the city of Glenwood Springs will be sure whatever actions taken reflect the will of the people.

Steve Swanson

Glenwood Springs

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