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Letter: Let’s make politics real and civil

Jack Green
Glenwood Springs

I would like to invite all candidates running for any public office to have a night of heartfelt conversation with each other at the old Cardiff School House here in Glenwood Springs. I will be the discussion leader. You set the date with your opponent. I would like to know how you feel about the issues and why you feel that way. I have grown tired of all the talking points and prepared statements coming at me all the time. I choose to stay positive and need to see how you stay positive too. To see you on a human level. Politics does not have to be mean.

For five years we have had many events in the old school without a moment of rancor or name-calling. Magic lives in the walls. The Cardiff School House is the perfect place with soft, historical edges to have such an event. Civil discourse is a good thing. Please contact me and we will book a night for you to “talk” to each other and with us.

We will serve hot tea and cookies.

Let’s make politics real.

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