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Letter: Letter writers, get your facts straight

Doug Meyers
Glenwood Springs

It is too bad there isn’t a rule for letters to the editor that states, “If you write a letter to the editor, you must have at least basic knowledge of the subject you are writing about.”

For example, recently there was a letter concerning the funding bill that was passed by the House and Senate. The writer stated that he was amazed “at the speed of the Koch brothers’ newly purchased government that has been furthering the agenda of the wealthy.” Unfortunately the letter writer must not have basic knowledge of how the government works. If he did, he would know that the so-called “Koch brothers’ newly purchased government” hasn’t even taken office. The new members of the House and Senate that were voted into office in November do not actually take office until after the New Year.

The bill that he is speaking of was passed by the members of Congress that took office years ago. The fact is, the House, which is controlled by Republicans, did pass the bill and then it was sent it to the Senate, which is still controlled by the Democrats. The Democratic-controlled Senate had a couple of options. It could have changed the bill and sent it back to the House, it could have killed the bill or it could pass the bill. Senators chose to pass the bill and then they sent it to the president who was in favor of the bill, and he then eagerly proceeded to sign it into law.

Apparently the “agenda of the wealthy” is the agenda that Obama and the Democrats in the Senate agree with.

In closing, I would suggest to all letter writers, either get your facts straight or don’t write letters. This might keep you from looking foolish.

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